Dispute Resolution Team

Our committed and observant dispute resolution team includes attorneys from the Patent Litigation Department, the Legal Department, the Trademark and Copyright Litigation Department and other departments, with a total of more than 60 patent attorneys and trademark attorneys, most with lawyer's qualification. Among them, there are 11 patent attorneys, 7 with lawyer's qualification, in the Patent Litigation Department, 3 patent attorneys and 9 trademark attorneys, 7 with lawyer's qualification, in the Legal Department, and 1 patent attorney and 7 trademark attorneys, 7 with lawyer's qualification, in the Trademark and Copyright Litigation Department.

Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience in opposition, invalidation, FTO, due diligence, administrative litigation, administrative enforcement, civil litigation, negotiation, arbitration, mediation, rights operation, registration and recordal services for domestic and foreign clients in the fields of patent, trademark, copyright, computer software, integrated circuit layout design, new plant variety trade secret, domain name, unfair competition, customs protection, etc.

Our dispute resolution team handles hundreds of IPR administrative litigation and civil infringement cases every year, clearing barriers and building protection for clients' development in the Chinese market. Many cases are of great significance both domestic and abroad, including retrial cases and cases in the Top 10 IPR Cases and Top 50 Typical IPR Cases released by the Supreme People's Court, Top 10 Typical Cases and Top 10 Innovative Cases released by the Beijing High People's Court, Top 10 Typical Patent Reexamination and Invalidation Cases, Typical Trademark Review and Adjudication Cases and Typical Trademark Administrative Reconsideration Cases released by the CNIPA etc.

The cases handled by our dispute resolution team span all levels of courts, from the Supreme People's Court to local courts at all levels, including local courts in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Foshan, Xi'an, Shenyang, Chongqing, Kunming, Harbin, Dalian, Qingdao, Nanjing, Ningbo and Wuhan etc.


Patent Team

Our patent team has been at the forefront of the field for decades and covers all aspects of technical sectors such as mechanics, electricity, chemicals, biomedicine etc., and has established long-term cooperation with Chinese and foreign clients including the Fortune 500. The attorneys in our patent team have an average practice time of 15.6 years, and 157 of them can represent clients before the courts.

International Patent Department

Our Mechanical Patent Department has 55 patent attorneys and 7 patent engineers with expertise in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, automobile engineering and textile machinery etc. All of the patent attorneys are bilingual in Chinese and English, with 12 of them also being proficient in Japanese and 14 of them also being proficient in German. Most of the attorneys have post-graduate degrees, with 4 of them received Ph.D. degree. In this department, there is a team of 18 attorneys dedicated simultaneously to prosecution and protection of industrial designs.

Our Electrical Patent Department is mainly engaged in patent prosecution with expertise in electrical engineering, telecommunication, computer science, semiconductor, artificial intelligence, block chain and automatic control etc., as well as integrated circuit layout applications. The Department has 51 patent attorneys and 3 patent engineers, including 11 attorneys also being proficient in Japanese. Among the patent attorneys, 12 received Ph.D. degree and 38 hold master’s degree.

Our Chemical Patent Department has 51 patent attorneys with expertise in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials etc. All the patent attorneys are bilingual in Chinese and English, with 10 of them also being fluent in Japanese and 4 of them also being proficient in German. Most of the attorneys have post-graduate degrees, with 12 of them received Ph.D. degree.

Domestic Patent Department

Our Domestic Patent Department has nearly 40 patent attorneys with expertise in diversified technologies dedicated to providing professional services for domestic clients to file patent applications in mainland China and overseas countries or regions. The department has extensive experience in patent mining, layout and drafting as well as in managing domestic and foreign patent applications.


Trademark Team

There is no doubt that brand is essential to a company. As an award-winning team in the field, our trademark team provides services of high quality and top expertise to the clients ranging from start-ups to multinational giants. Our trademark attorneys have 16 years of experience on average, among whom 46 can represent clients before the courts. As the first trademark agency in China, our trademark team has been providing trademark services for foreign clients since 1957 and have obtained high reputation in cross-border representation by virtue of excellent, reliable and stable work of quality.

International Trademark Department

Our International Trademark Department has 32 trademark attorneys and 8 trademark assistants with backgrounds of law and/or foreign languages, 20 with lawyer's qualification. Each year, the Department institutes 3000+ oppositions and 1000+ invalidations before the CNIPA and handles 350+ trademark administrative litigations before the courts of different levels including the Supreme People’s Court, many of which are selected as typical IP cases and guiding cases by the CNIPA and/or the courts.

Domestic Trademark Department

Our Domestic Trademark Department has 14 trademark attorneys and 5 trademark assistants, among whom 15 are with lawyer's qualification and 1 is admitted to the New York State Bar. Most of the attorneys have post-graduate degrees, including 1 Ph.D. degree and 2 L.L.M. of the United States. Building on experience of over 20 years, the core attorneys of the Department possess keen and deep insight into trademark laws and practices. The strength of the Department on developing sophisticated trademark clearance, protection, enforcement and commercialization strategies for Chinese enterprises both in China and abroad in a sound and cost-effective way will help our clients achieve greater competitiveness.

Legal Support Team

Patent applications, trademark registrations, administrative duties, arbitration, litigation and other IP related cases have extremely strict timeline/procedure standard and requirement. Our legal support team has set up multiple positions of review and control to provide, with employment of the latest information technology means, quality services exceeding expectations with an efficient and safe procedure management system to guard the lifeline of IP protection for our clients.

With abundant practical experience, our legal support team works with the attorneys from the patent, trademark and dispute resolution teams, to complete the services of the procurement, validity and enforcement of IP rights. Our legal support team is mainly responsible for four areas of work: (1) Procedure management, processing of legal documents and payments. The team is responsible for these works throughout the procedures of application, registration, litigation/non-litigation enforcement of rights of patent, trademark, copyright and other IP rights.(2) Patent annuity management and trademark renewal. The team has more than 30 years of experience with patent annuity management and over 60 years of experience with trademark renewals.(3) Recordal of Patent and trademark. The team has more than 30 years of patent recordal experience and more than 60 years of trademark recordal experience, including the right transfer, the change of name and address of applicant, license and pledge recordal etc.(4) Registration of patents and trademarks in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR. The team has been handling the registration of patents and trademarks in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR since their respective handover days. 

If you have any questions or requirements, please kindly contact us at:

(1) General affairs: Email:, Tel: +86 10 6604 6481;

(2) Patent annuity management: Email:, Tel: +86 10 6604 6189;

(3) Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR patent Registration: Email:, Tel: +86 10 6604 6137.


IT Team

Our IT team has a total of more than 10 professionals in the computer field. With the development of the office, they have accumulated considerable work experience and designed a specialized flow management system for the firm, which ensures that every detail in the whole flow including consulting, filing, monitoring, event processing, reminding, processing of any special requirements, and payment of fees, etc., is subject to auxiliary management provided by the computer system, so that the safety of cases and customer information is guaranteed. Our IT team also provides technical support for the safe and smooth operations of computer terminals and remote conference systems, etc.