Dispute Resolution

  • Infringement risk assessment

    Infringement analysis

    Infringement investigation

    Infringement litigation

    Administrative enforcement of IPRs

  • Internet and social media-related IPR protection

    IPR protection in exhibition

    FTO analysis

    Due diligence

    Negotiation, mediation and arbitration

  • Anti-unfair competition

    Domain name dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution Team


  • Pro-filing counseling

    Patent Mining

    Patent application strategy and patent portfolio management

    Drafting patent applications

    Patent application prosecution (Chinese patent applications, PCT applications and overseas applications)

  • Third party opinions

    Patent reexamination

    Patent invalidation

    Administrative litigation against a reexamination or invalidation decision

    Hong Kong and Macau patent registration

  • Recordal and annuity payment

    Patent searching and analyzing

    Patent surveillance

    Patent licensing and transferring

Patent Team


  • Pre-filing counseling

    Filing and prosecuting trademark applications




  • Administrative litigation against a decision of the CNIPA

    Change of name, licensing, transferring and renewal

    Cancellation of a registered trademark

    Trademark searching and watching

Trademark Team

Other IP Rights

  • Domain name registration

    Works and software registration

    Integrated circuit layout design registration

    New plant varieties registration

    Registration of IPRs with customs and customs seizure

Dispute Resolution Team

Rights Operation

  • Contract drafting and review

    Risk management and loss control

    IP strategy consulting

    Patent panorama analysis

    IPRs financing and transaction

Dispute Resolution Team