Dispute Resolution

  • Infringement risk assessment

    Infringement analysis

    Infringement investigation

    Infringement litigation

    Administrative litigation against a decision of the CNIPA

  • Administrative enforcement of IPRs

    Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analysis

    Due diligence

    Negotiation, mediation and arbitration

    Unfair competition

  • Domain name dispute resolution

    Internet and e-commerce or social platform IPR protection

    IPR protection in exhibition

    Administrative rulings and litigation on patent links for pharmaceutical products

Dispute Resolution Team


  • Patent counseling

    Patent application strategy and patent portfolio management

    Patent application prosecution, including Chinese patent applications, PCT applications and Paris Convention applications

    Patent prioritized examination and rapid pre-examination

    Drafting patent applicationsPublic opinions

  • Patent reexamination

    Patent invalidation

    Searching, application prosecution, reexamination and invalidation for design patents

    Recordal and annuity payment

    Patent searching and analyzing

    Patent surveillance

  • Patent licensing and transferring

    Patent surveRegistration of patent right for pharmaceutical products and request for compensation of the term of patent rightillance

    Request for an extension of the term of patent right

    Hong Kong and Macau patent registration

Patent Team


  • Trademark registration counseling

    Filing and prosecuting trademark applications

    Trademark opposition

    Trademark review

    Trademark invalidation

  • Administrative litigation against a decision of the CNIPA

    Change of name, licensing, transferring and renewal

    Cancellation of a registered trademark

    Trademark searching and watching

    Hong Kong trademark registration

Trademark Team


Other IPRs

  • Geographical indication

    Domain name registration

    Works and software registration

    Integrated circuit layout design registration

    New plant varieties registrationRegistration and protection of IPRs with customs

Dispute Resolution Team

Operation of IPRs

  • Contract drafting and review

    Operational risk analysis and control strategy

    IP strategy consulting

    Patent landscape analysis

    IPRs financing and transaction

    Compliance review of utilization of IPRs

Dispute Resolution Team