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Xiaojun Guo

Beijing Office
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Patent Attorney since 2000

Attorney-at-Law since 2012

Technical Field:

Machine Building, Equipment and Technology of Machining, Construction and Mining, Transportation Vehicles and Engines, Textiles, Paper Making and Printing, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, Package Technology, Equipment and Technology of Food Processing, and Agricultural Machines


Chinese, English, Japanese and French

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Science in Textile Machine Design and Manufacture, China Textile University, 1997

Trained in a German law firm, Germany, 2001

Trained in an U.S. law firm, U.S.A, 2002

Study in Cardozo school of law in 2013

Professional Experience:

Patent Attorney, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office since 1997

Deputy director of the mechanical department of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office since 2006

Practice Area:

Mr. GUO's practice focuses mainly on patent prosecution in the mechanical field, including that for patent applications for inventions, utility models and designs. He has successfully represented many entities and individuals, including some major corporations, in patent prosecution for more than one thousand patent filings and prosecuting cases covering various technical fields, particularly the fields of daily commodities, hygiene products, textile, automobile vehicles, paper making and printing, mining, shipping, medical machine, and normal equipment and technology of machining. Mr. GUO has also represented clients in many patent reexamination cases, patent invalidation cases, patent litigation cases and Free to operate analysis in relation to inventions, utility models and designs. In addition, Mr. GUO has also drafted patent applications for clients and filed these patent applications in China and in many foreign countries based on his knowledge to foreign IP laws.

Professional Affiliation:

Member of All China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA)

Member of the Design Committee of ACPAA

Member of AIPPI (China)

Member of the Design Committee of IPO (U.S.A)


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