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Hao Ma-the Name You Should Know in the China IP Scene

Hao Ma, the name of the president of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office, is on the list of "the names you should know in China IP scene" by Asia IP  for obvious reasons: he holds the helm of the oldest IP Law firm in China, and is the president of the first non-governmental organization devoted to the progress of IP while also serving as the main non-governmental consultative institution of the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO).

Hao Ma became the first Chinese to be elected president to the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) in 2016, marking China's influence in IP matters internationally. With the planned hosting of the World Intellectual Property Conference 2020 in Hangzhou, Hao Ma not only represents the heightened communication and cooperation between China and the world, but also serves as the face of China in the increasingly connected space of IP legislation and enforcement.

Hao Ma's place as Chairman of CCPIT  Patent and Trademark Law Office also puts him at the forefront of China IPR enforcement facing the corporate world. A granddaddy in IP litigation in China, CCPIT has been involved in many landmark cases like the invalidation case against a design patent for Volkswagen in 2014, and is the cradle for many now-influential practicing Chinese lawyers.