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The firm assisted a client in winning a patent infringement case on the doctrine of equivalents

Recently, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office assisted one of the clients in winning a case in a patent infringement litigation over a patent for invention.

The case is related to a kind of seat for bicycles. At issue before the court is the claim construction, the determination of infringement on the doctrine of equivalents and the calculation of damages, which issues became most critical and difficult for successfully finding infringement and getting compensation. A team of attorneys with extensive experience made reasonable arguments and statements in detail and sufficiently in accordance with the relevant laws and judicial interpretations, and expounded the application of the doctrine of equivalents finding that the accused product fell into the scope of the patent. In addition, our attorneys collected favorable evidence for identifying and supporting the calculation of damages. After two court hearings and submission of written opinions, the efforts of the team yielded fruitful results: the infringing act is ordered to stop and a relatively high compensation is awarded within the statutory range.