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Yechao Yan

Beijing Office
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Patent Attorney since 2016

Technical Field:

Organic Chemistry, Polymer Science and Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Life Science


Chinese, English

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, 2009

PhD of Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2014

Professional Experience:

Patent Attorney, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office since 2014

Practice Area:

Miss. YAN's practice focuses mainly on patent prosecution in the chemistry field, including that for drafting patent application documents


Author: Yechao Yan, Yi Shi, Wen Zhu, Yongming Chen. Highly-efficient synthesis of cylindrical polymer brushes with various side chains via click grafting onto approach, Polymer, 54(21), 2013.

Co-author: Xiaoke Yang, Shuangshuang Wang, Yechao Yan, YIng Wu, Ke Zhang, Yongming Chen. Well-defined dibenzocyclooctyne end functionalized polymers from atom transfer radical polumerization, Polymer, 55(5), 2014.

Co-author: Yi Cui, Yechao Yan, Yongming Chen, Zhaohui Wang. Dibromomaleimide derivative as an efficient polymer coupling agent for building topological polymers, Macromol Chem. Phys., 214(4), 2013.

Co-author: Peng Zhao, Yechao Yan, Xiaoqin Feng, Lixin Liu, Chun Wang, Yongming Chen. Highly efficient synthesis of polymer brushes with PEO and PCL as side chains via click chemistry, Polymer, 53(10), 2012.

Co-author: Xiubo Jiang, Wen Zhu, Yechao Yan, Yongming Chen, Fu Xi. Synthesis and in situ core reorganization of smart polymers, React. Funct. Polym., 71(8), 2011.