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Enhance “the Belt and Road” Construction with Professional Service

On May 15, 2017, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office held the Commemorative Achievement Release Event of the 60th Anniversary in Beijing. During the release event, the firm released its English slogan “Enriching your ideas”, the 60th anniversary celebrating microfilm and a series of souvenirs, endowing the participants with more perceptual information of the firm’s sixty years’ development as well as the development course of Chinese IP undertaking.

Mr. Hao Ma, the President, remarked that, with six decades of unremitting endeavor since the year of 1957, the firm gradually developed from a trio panel of trademark professionals to one of the largest-scale comprehensive IP law firm in China, and has proceeded with a number of influential cases that were respectively elected in “Top 10 IP Case of China Court”, “Top 10 IP Innovative Cases of China Court”, “IP Judicial Protection Top 10 Cases of China Court”, “Patent Reexamination Invalidation Top 10 Cases”, “Trademark Review Typical Cases”, “IP Judicial Protection Top 10 Typical Cases of Beijing Court”, “IP Judicial Protection Top 10 Innovative Cases of Beijing Court” of the relevant years issued by the Courts, the Patent Reexamination Board of the SIPO or the Trademark Review Committee of the SAIC.

Since “the Belt and Road” initiative was set forth, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office has actively enhanced IP services for “the Belt and Road” countries by adopting multiple effective measures, such as earnestly conducting collection and release of IP information of key countries alongside, positively assisting enterprises home and abroad in IP layout in the countries along “the Belt and Road” and strengthening the efforts in overseas IP training for enterprises.

Mr. Hao Ma further remarked that the firm will, by cherishing the opportunity of holding the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, continually reinforce the IP information services, strengthen and improve IP services, and accelerate development in broadening emerging IP affairs, to provide more professional and efficient services for enterprises of the countries along “the Belt and Road”. The firm will continue to strengthen business cooperation with IP professionals of the countries alongside, to help enterprises in steadily raising their IP creation, use, protection, and management ability.

“CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office will always be diligent in “enriching your ideas”, and stay true to the mission to contribute more to the magnificent development of IP undertaking,” Mr. Hao Ma concluded.