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China’s trademark registration applications hit 3.691 million in 2016

Latest statistics from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) show that China handled 3.691 million trademark registration applications in 2016, securing its place as the world’s largest for 15 consecutive years. 

According to the China Intellectual Property News, trademark registration applications increased by 28.4% in 2016, compared with 26.9% in 2015. Among all the applications, 3.001 million were filed online, representing 81.3% of the total. By the end of 2016, valid trademark registrations amounted to 12.376 million.

The top five areas, from which trademark applicants came, were Guangdong province (689,434), Beijing (372,387), Zhejiang province (327,572), Shanghai (257,616) and Jiangsu province (209,900).

Since 2014, in which year Chinese Trademark Law was amended and sounds and colors became eligible subject matters for registration as trademarks. This poured fuel into the rapid growth of trademark registration applications in China.

SAIC have approved 13 industrial and commercial administrative departments and market supervision departments to set up contact points for accepting trademark registration applications, so that applicants can file trademark registration applications without having to go far.

In December 2016, the Guangzhou Center for Trademark Examination Cooperation came into operation.The centre is responsible for accepting trademark registration applications, consulting, examining trademark registration applications and promoting trademark strategy etc.