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Qiannan Zhao

Beijing Office
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Patent Attorney since 2016

Technical Field:

Computer Technology, Communication Technology, Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control Engineering, Information processing


Chinese, English

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Automation, Hunan University of Technology, 2011

Master of Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment, North China Electric Power University, 2014

Professional Experience:

Patent Attorney, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office since 2014

Practice Area:

Miss. Zhao's practice focuses mainly on patent prosecution in the electrical field, including that for drafting patent application documents, patent search.


Author: 《基于LabVIEW的倒频谱与包络谱分析在风电机组齿轮箱故障诊断中的应用》化工自动化及仪表, 2013.6                                                                              

Author:《Wavelet-Mathematical Morphology and Envelope Spectrum Analysis in Wind Power Generator Gearbox Fault Diagnosis》 ICNC-FSKD-2013,2013.7