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Mr. Hao Ma was elected president of AIPPI



Mr. Hao Ma, President of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office, was elected the president of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) at the World Intellectual Property Conference held in Milan, Italy on the afternoon of 20th, September (local time), becoming the first Chinese top leader during the 120 years history of the association.
Established in 1897, AIPPI is the first international non-governmental organization devoted to the development and progress of intellectual property and the main non-governmental consultative institution of WIPO on IP rights. Headed in Switzerland, AIPPI has more than 9,000 members from about 100 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa and has branches in 63 countries and 2 regions respectively.
Established in 1982, AIPPI China is the first Intellectual Property Association in China, having more than 350 members presently. At the World Intellectual Property Conference of 2012 held in Seoul, Hangzhou, China succeeded in bidding for the right to host the World Intellectual Property Conference 2020, which will be the first World Intellectual Property Conference held in China since the establishment of the Association.
The election of Mr. Hao Ma marks that the development of intellectual property undertaking in China has drawn the attention of the world and the status as well as the influence of China in global intellectual property matters have been enhanced and promoted, which in turn will further benefit the communication and cooperation in the area of intellectual property between China and the world.