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Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Establishment of a Strong IPR Country under the New Situation - Division of Tasks

On July 18, 2016, the State Council issued the action plan, Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Establishment of a Strong IPR Country under the New Situation - Division of Tasks. The action plan aims at breaking down and refining the tasks proposed in the Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Establishment of a Strong IPR Country under the New Situation, and pushing forward actions for protection and application of IPRs nationally and internationally. It assigned the responsibilities to each relative department and reaffirmed the efforts in the following respects.

1. Pushing forward the restructuring of IPR management mechanism

(1) Researching and improving the management mechanism of IPRs.

(2)  Polishing up the IPR service industry and the management of social organisations.

(3)  Establishing the appraisal system for IPRs in major economic activities.

(4)  Establishing an appraisal system for innovation-driven development taking IPRs as a major part.

2. Implementing stricter IPR protection

(1)  Strengthening the punishment for infringement of IPRs.

(2)  Cracking down on IPR crimes, both nationally and internationally.

(3) Establishing and improving early warning and prevention mechanism for IPRs’ protection.

(4)  Strengthening protection of IPRs for innovation achievements in emerging industries.

(5)  Regulating abuse of IPRs. 

3. Promoting creation and application of IPRs

 (1) Improving the examination and registration mechanisms of IPRs.

(2) Improving the service-invention system.

(3) Pushing forward the reform on patent licensing system.

(4) Speeding up the establishment of IPR trading platforms.

(5) Cultivating IPR intensive industries.

(6) Enhancing the added value and international influence of IPRs.

(7) Strengthening the opening and use of IPR information.

4. Improving overseas IPR layouts and risk control of the key industries

(1) Improving the overseas IPR layouts of the key industries.

(2) Expanding overseas IPR distribution channels.

(3) Improving the risk warning system of overseas IPRs.

(4) Promoting the risk control ability against overseas IPRs.

(5) Providing more support on overseas IPR protection.

5. Promoting international cooperation in IPRs

(1) Pushing forward the establishment of more fair and reasonable international IPR provisions.

(2) Enhancing the construction of international cooperation mechanism for IPRs.

(3) Providing more support on the developing countries in IPRs.

(4) Expanding public diplomacy channels for IPRs.

6. Enhancing policy supports

(1) Increasing financial and tax support.

(2) Strengthening the IPR talent team construction.

(3) Improving publicity and guidance.

By carrying out the proposed actions, it is expected that a more active and effective IPR environment can be achieved in China and that a more sophisticated strategy in seeking overseas IPR protection and in avoiding overseas IPR infringement can be taken by Chinese companies.