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Yong Cheng

Beijing Office
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Patent Attorney since 2000

Technical Field:

Pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, protein/enzyme engineering, etc.


Chinese and English

Education and Training:

Bachelor of science in Microbiology from Shandong University in 1992

Master of technology in Biochemical Engineering from Dalian University of Science and Technology in 1995

Ph.D. in Microbial Pharmaceuticals from Peking Union Medical College in 1998

Trained in two law firms in the USA in 2002 and 2005, respectively

Professional Experience:

Joined CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office in 1998

Practice Area:

Dr. Cheng’s professional practices cover legal opinion on patentability; patent prosecution, reexamination and invalidation; patent infringement analyses; litigation; enterprise IP strategy, etc. Since 1998, Dr. Cheng has successfully represented a large amount of well-known multinational corporations and enterprises including Top 500 global companies for over 1000 patent applications and other IP relating matters. Dr. Cheng’s expertise ranges from pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, protein/enzyme engineering to natural pharmaceuticals, antibiotics and transgenic plant-related patents. During the past 17 years, he has drafted more than 100 patent applications in life science and pharmaceuticals area for domestic applicants. Additionally, Dr. Cheng has been invited to deliver speeches on various IP-relating seminars regarding the latest development on Chinese patent prosecution and examination practices.

In 2008, Dr. Cheng took part a in drafting “Training Guidelines for practitioner in patent agency industry”, issued by ACPAA. He is also the co-author of “ professional ethics of patent agent”—one of the training materials published by ACPAA in 2013 for the patent agent. Dr. Cheng is appointed by SIPO as the lecturer for patent agents practical skill training.

Professional Affiliation:

Member of enterprise intellectual property committee of All China Patent Agents
Member of intellectual property protection committee of China Intellectual Property Society (CIPS)
Member of Chinese Group of AIPPI