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Xin Chen

Beijing Office
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Patent Attorney since 1998

Technical Field:

Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, Agro Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology


Chinese, English and Japanese

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in 1994

Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry from Peking Union Medical College in 1997

Trained in a law firm in Germany in 2001

Trained in a law firm in the UK in 2005

Professional Experience:

Joined CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office in 1997

Practice Area:

Mr. Chen's practice focuses mainly on prosecution of patent. He has successfully represented some major corporations, especially pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies, in patent prosecution. He has handled more than 500 patent filing and prosecuting cases covering various technical fields, particularly the fields of pharmaceuticals and polymers, and accumulated rich experience in patent prosecution. Mr. Chen has also handled some patent reexamination and patent invalidation cases before the Patent Reexamination Board. He has also participated in same law cases concerning patents, including lawsuits and raid actions against infringements. When he studied as a graduated student in Peking Union Medical College, Mr. Chen participated in several research programs in Medicinal Chemistry and published some articles in this field.

Publication and Presentation:

Co-Author, First Author: Development of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase and its inhibitors (Review), Chinese Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 1998, 8(1): 66-72(review)

Co-Author, First Author: Synthesis of Novel Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs)---N-{1-methy-2-oxo-[3-(4-substitued-phenyl) piperazine-1-yl] propyl} Phthalimides, 2nd Internaitonal Symposium on Antiviral Drugs, Oral Presentation, Beijing, November 4, 1999

Co-Author, First Author: Synthesis of Novel Non-Nucleoside HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors - 1 - ( 3-Phthalimido-2-oxobutyl ) - 4 - Substituted - pheny l- piperazines, Chinese Chemical Letters, 2000;

Co-Author: The establishment and application of antiviral screening model targeted on SAH hydrolase, Chinese Journal of Experimental and Clinical Virology, 6(1), p55-58 2002;

Co-Author, First Author: 1 - ( 3 - Phthaliido - 2 - oxobutyl ) - 4 - substituted - phenylpiperazines and the anti-HIV reverse transcriptase activity thereof, Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, p343-347, 2002.

Professional Affiliation:

Member of All China Patent Agents Association