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Shixun Jiang

Beijing Office
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Patent Attorney since 1996

Technical Field:

Optical Communication, Precision Instrument and Optical Instrument, Computer Technology, Communication Technology, Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control Engineering, Electronic Technology, Microelectronic Technology, Optical Technique, and Physics


English and Chinese

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Science in Optical Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1982

Master of Science in Optical Communication from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1990

Trained in a law firm in Germany in 2002

Professional Experience:

Joined CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office in 1996

Worked as an Engineer in the Institute of Light Industry Ministry and Beijing Glass Institute from 1990-1995

Worked as a Teacher in Yantai University from 1985-1987

Worked as an Assistant Engineer in Xi'an Institute of Applied Optics from 1982-1984

Practice Area:

Mr.Jiang's practice focuses mainly on patent prosecution. He has handled more than one thousand of patent filings and prosecuting cases. Mr. Jiang has also presented clients in many patent reexamination cases, some patent invalidation cases and patent litigation cases. In addition, Mr. Jiang has also drafted many patent applications for clients and filed these patent applications in China and many countries outside of China, such as the USA, Japan and Europe.

Professional Affiliation:

Member of All China Patent Agents Association