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Gang Hu

Beijing Office
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Attorney-at-Law since 1997
Patent Attorney since 1998
Trademark Attorney since 2000


Chinese and English

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Sciences in Management from Beijing Agriculture University in 1995

Master of Law from Peking University in 2002

Received training of American Trademark Law and Practice in Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch LLP in April, 2007, Washington D.C., USA

Professional Experience:

Joined CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office in 1995

Practice Area:

Mr. HU is a senior Chinese trademark specialist and practitioner, and his expertise and practice are mainly focused on trademark search and watch, trademark prosecution, administrative protection of trademark right, trademark administrative litigation; trademark infringement litigation, legal opinion on trademark infringement, licensing of trademark, trademark strategy, enforcement of copyright and unfair competition.

Mr. HU is professional in resolution of difficult and complicated trademark cases by litigation and non-litigation means. He has successfully represented many internationally well-known companies to protect their interests in trademarks and assisted clients in obtaining recognition of well-known trademarks by the trademark authorities and the court. Some of the influential cases he handled were widely reported by a variety of media and, any recent IP litigation cases represented by him were awarded by the Supreme People’s Court as the annual guidance cases.

Publication and Presentation:

Author: Study of U.S. Provisional Application (I), China Intellectual Property News, July 15, 1998;

Author: Study of U.S. Provisional Application (II), China Intellectual Property News, July 22, 1998;

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Author: Registration criteria on three-dimensional trademark- Thinking derived From "Zippo" case, China Intellectual Property News, August 21, 2009

Author: Introduction and interpretation for the progressive Madrid Registration System, China Intellectual Property News, Nov. 13, 2009

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Co-Author:  “A welcome change for trade mark owners in China“,《MIP》,  Special Edition, 2015

Author: Judgment of plaintiff qualification in the foreign related IP administrative litigation --- Comments on the Supreme Court’s administrative case 2014-5, China IP News, Feb. 3, 2016

Author: Application of “ne bis in idem” in the trademark controversy cases, China Trademark, No.7, 2016

Co-author: "Comments on the Administrative Retrial Case of YKK Opposition Review of China's Well-known Trademark - An Investigation Based on the Principles of Commodity Relevance, Consistency of Legal Application Standards and Recognition on Demand", "A.I.P.P.I. JAPAN" August 2017           

Co-author: "YKK Well-known Trademark Obtained Judicial Recognition and Protection in the Supreme People's Court of China: Key Points and Breakthroughs in YKK Retrial Cases." China: Managing the IP Lifecycle, No. 2018/2019           

Author: "The Beijing IP Court in 2016", The Trademark Lawyer, No. 4, 2017           

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Co-author of "Search and Method of Graphic Trademarks", China Journal of Intellectual Property, September 30, 2018           

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Author: "Piercing the corporate veil in the case of trademark infringement in China", World Trademark Review, February 2019

Presentation: Trade Dress – Protection in BRICS countries, BRICS Intellectual Property Forums 2013, Chicago, USA, May 2013.

Presentation: China’s Trademark Law: New Law, New Direction, BRICS Intellectual Property Forums 2014, Munich, Germany, May 2014

Webinar Presentation: China's New IP Courts: What U.S. Companies Need to Know, IPO IP Chat Channel, Dec. 2, 2014

Moderator: TM28 OEM Manufacture and Trademark Use: Updated Practices Under China Law, INTA annual meeting,  Santiago, May 4, 2015

Moderator: TT19 Strengthening Stylized Trademark Protection through Copyright in Different Jurisdictions: INTA annual meeting, Orlando, May 24, 2016

Writer in Chief: AIPPI Sydney Congress "Malicious Trademark Application" Resolution (China Part) September 2017

Professional Affiliation:

Member of INTA

Member of Justice Appraiser Committee of China

Member of Council of AIPPI China

Member of LES China