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Regulations on Administrative Protection of Pharmaceuticals (1992)

( Approved by the State Council on December 12, 1992 and
promulgated by the State Pharmaceutical Administration on December 19, 1992 )

General Provisions

Article 1.   These Regulations are enacted with a view to expanding economic and technological cooperation and exchange with foreign coun-tries, providing administrative protection to the lawful rights and inter-ests of the owners of the exclusive right of foreign pharmaceuticals.

Article 2.   The "pharmaceuticals", as mentioned in these Regulations, refers to medicines for human beings.

Article 3.   Enterprises and other organizations and individuals from the country or the region, which has concluded bilateral treaty or agree-ment with the People's Republic of China on administrative protection of pharmaceuticals, may apply for administrative protection of pharmaceuticals in accordance with these Regulations.

Article 4.   The competent authorities for the production and distribu-tion of pharmaceuticals under the State Council receives and examines applications for administrative protection of pharmaceuticals, grants ad-ministrative protection to the pharmaceuticals which conform with the provisions of these Regulations, and issues the certificates for administra-tive protection to applicants.