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China Internet Network Information Center Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration (2002)

Application and Review for Domain Name Registration

Article 4.   An applicant for registration of a domain name (hereafter the applicant) shall be an entity which is registered according to the relevant laws and capable of independently assuming civil responsibility.

Article 5.   An applicant may submit the Application Form of Domain Name Registration to the Registrar on line or by email, or other means, and conclude the Registration Agreement with the Registrar.

Article 6.   The contents of the Application Form shall include:

(1) the domain name to be applied for;
(2) the host names and IP addresses of the primary and secondary DNS servers;
(3) the domain name holder's company name, the company representative, the industry category of the company, the post address, the postal code, the email address, the telephone number and the fax number as well as the authentication information; and
(4) the name, the company name, the post address, the postal code, the email address, the telephone number and the fax number of the person related to domain name's administrative contact, technical contact and billing contact, and the contact Details of the person who is entrusted to apply for the registration.

Article 7.   The applicant shall in the Registration Agreement agree to:

(1) abide by the laws and the Regulations in relation to the Internet;
(2) abide by China Internet Domain Name Regulations and other relevant rules of governmental authorities;
(3) abide by these Implementation Rules and CNNIC Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy; and
(4) guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy and integrity of the submitted information.

Article 8.   The date when the Registry receives the first effective Application for Registration shall be the application date. The Registrar shall inform the applicant of the application date.

Article 9.   The Registrar is responsible for accepting the Application, and reviewing the applied domain name according to the Regulations.

Article 10.   The Registrar should delete the domain name that violates the Regulations. If the applicant or holder of the domain name is not satisfied with such deletion, he may apply to MII for re-examination.

Article 11.   When applying to register the third level domain name under the second-level domain GOV, the applicant shall present the following materials in written:

(1) the Application Form with the stamp or seal of the applying entity; and
(2) the material which proves the applicant to be a governmental institution.

Article 12.   The rules on application for registration of a third level domain name under the second-level domain .EDU, shall be established by China Education and Research Network Information Center (CERNIC) separately.