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China Internet Network Information Center Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration (2002)

Supplementary Provisions

Article 19.   CNNIC WWW server (the address is: is used to publish the information on domain name registration or other relevant matters.

Article 20.   The information which the applicant submits in the Application Form for the domain name registration, except that the applicant specifically declare not to be disclosed, shall be recorded into the database for public inquiry and other publications of the Registry or the Registrar, as part of the directory services offered to the Internet users.

Article 21.   With the development of the Internet and the domain name system, and with the change of the relevant laws, regulations and policies, CNNIC may amend these Rules.

Article 22.   These Rules are subject to the interpretation of CNNIC.

The liability for the infringement of others' legal rights and interests arising from holding or using a domain name shall be borne by the holder of the domain name.

Article 23.   These Rules go into force as of December 1, 2002.