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China Internet Domain Name Regulations (2002)

General Provisions

Article 1.   China Internet Domain Name Regulations (hereafter referred to as the Regulations) are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and with reference to the international rules for the administration of Internet domain names, with a view to promoting the development of the Internet in China, safeguarding the secure and reliable operation of China Internet Domain Names System and regulating the administration of China Internet domain names System.

Article 2.   The Regulations shall be observed in the registration of domain names and in the activities with relation thereto within the territory of the People's Republic of China.

Article 3.   The definitions of the following terms mentioned in the Regulations are as follows:

(1) "Domain name" refers to the character identification of hierarchical structure that identifies and locates a computer on the Internet and corresponds to the IP address of this computer;
(2) "Chinese domain name" refers to the domain name that contains Chinese characters;
(3) "Domain name root server¡± refers to the server that bear the function of root nodes in the domain name system;
(4) "Institution for operating domain name root server" refers to the institution that is responsible for operating, maintaining and administering the domain name root servers;
(5) "Top-level domain (TLD)" refers to the name of the first level domain under the root node in the domain name system;
(6) "Registry" refers to the administration institution that is responsible for operating, maintaining and managing one or more top-level domain names and administering the registration of domain names under this top-level domain name; and
(7) "Registrar" refers to the service institution that accepts and audits the application for the domain name registration, and completes the registration process in the domain name database.

Article 4.   Any organization or individual shall not take any action to hamper the normal operation of Internet Domain Names System in China.