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Regulations on the Administration of Special Signs (1996)

( Promulgated by Decree No.202 of the State Council on July 13, 1996 )

General Provisions

Article 1.   These Regulations are formulated for the purposes of strengthening the administration of special signs, promoting the development of culture, physical culture, scientific research and other non-profit social activities and protecting the lawful rights of customers and the owners and users of special signs.

Article 2.   Special signs referred to in these Regulations mean such signs as titles and their abbreviations, emblems and mascots composed of words and designs and used for national or international cultural, physical cultural, scientific research or other non-profit social activities held with the approval of the State Council.

Article 3.   Special signs approved and registered by the administrative department for industry and commerce under the State Council shall be protected by these Regulations.

Article 4.   Special signs composed of words and designs containing any of the following contents shall not be registered:

(1) those detrimental to the dignity or image of the country or any international organization;

(2) those harmful to benign social customs and public order;

(3) those with national discrimination and detrimental to the unity of nationalities;

(4) those lacking distinctiveness and not easy to identify; and

(5) other contents forbidden by laws or regulations.

Article 5.   Funds raised by owners of special signs through using or licensing others to use the special signs must be used for the non-profit social undertakings which the special signs serve and shall be subject to supervision by the departments of finance and auditing under the State Council.