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OUR HISTORY goes back to January 1957, when a trademark agency was established within the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, a non-governmental trade promotion organization,to represent foreign companies before Chinese authorities. The agency was the sole trademark agency in China until the mid-1980s. A patent agency was organized by CCPIT in the early 1980s, when China began to establish its patent system. The patent agency was authorized as the first Chinese intellectual property law firm to have cross-border representation. In 1993, the two agencies merged to form the CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.


1993. CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office established.


1985. Chinese Patent Law implemented.


1984. Chinese Patent Law promulgated.


1984. CCPIT Patent Agency established.


1983. Chinese Trademark Law implemented.



1982. Chinese Trademark Law promulgated.



1957. CCPIT Trademark Agency established.