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CCPIT PATENT AND TRADEMARK LAW OFFICE is the oldest and one of the largest full-service intellectual property law firms in China. Our firm has 322 patent and trademark attorneys, among whom 93 are qualified as attorneys-at-law.

    rendering tailored services to clients with high quality,efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective manner
    integrating expertise of attorneys in different disciplines and incorporating experience of senior professionals and vitality of junior ones
    providing comments and guidelines in light of local law and practice to clients actively
    providing practical solutions to clients in response to their

    OUR MISSION is to render tailored services to clients with high quality, efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective manner. We strive
    to continually improve the reliability and flexibility of our portfolio management system and the effectiveness of our quality control
    mechanism. We appoint teams of professionals with complementary expertise and organize brainstorming discussions when necessary.
    Our professionals are encouraged to be both proactive and creative, providing commentary and guidance and creating value-added
    solutions for our clients.


    OUR CLIENTS represent every sector of industry and commerce, from start-up businesses to multinational giants. Through decades of practice, we have successfully obtained hundreds of thousands of patents and trademark registrations and enforced thousands of patents and trademarks for our clients. With extensive legal and technological expertise, we are in a position to satisfy the demands of our clients in all aspects of intellectual property protection.