Guiding Information for Registration of Domain Names on China's internet

- Applicable Rules

- Official Agency

- Effective Elements

- Restrictions at Third Level

- Application

- Examination and Approval

- Change and Removal
- Rulings on Disputes

- Administration and Administrative Fees

- Correspondence Means with CNNIC


1. Applicable Rules for Registration of Domain Names


Provisional Administrative Rules for Registration of Domain Names on China's Internet (i.e. the Administrative Rules), its Detailed Implementation Rules (issued and enforced in1998) and Provisional Administrative Rules for Registration of Chinese Domain Names (issued and enforced on January 2000)


2. The Official Agency Responsible for the Registration of Domain Names


    The Office of the State Council's Steering Committee on Information (i.e. State Council's Information Office)


    The day-to-day administrative organization thereof: China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), which shall be responsible for the registration and administration of third-level domain names.

3. Effective Elements for Third-level Domain Name


-         Letters (A-Z, a-z, not case sensitive), digits (0-9) and hyphen (-). Any third-level domain name shall be no longer than 20 characters.


-         Chinese Domain Names, in addition to the above elements, shall contain Chinese characters. Chinese domains at all levels may be connected with the bracket ( ) and shall be no longer than 25 Chinese characters.


4. Restrictions for the Naming of Domain Names at the Third Level


-         Without the official approval from relevant state authorities, domain names shall not use words such as CHINA , CHINESE, CN, NATIONAL, etc.


-         Well-known names of other counties or regions, and the names of international organizations may not be used.


-         Without the approval from the local government at relevant levels, full or abbreviated names of administrative divisions at and above county level may not be used.


-         Classifications of industries or generic names of goods may not be used.


-         Enterprise names or trademark names already registered in China by others may not be used.

-         Names that are harmful to the interests of the state, society or the public may not be used.

  * When any applicant applies for a Chinese domain name, he/she shall have been an owner of one or more than one English domain names.  

5. Application for Domain Name Registration




-         Any applicant shall be legally registered organization or association that can be independently responsible for any civil liability involved. Individuals may not have the right to apply for domain names.


-         Any foreign enterprise or organization that applies for registration under the second level of CN, shall have establishment or branch in China.


-         Any applicant shall observe China's laws and regulations of the Internet, shall be responsible for the domain name selected by him/her, and shall warrant that the contents of his/her application documents are true.


     Conditions that must be met

-         The applicant's primary domain name server is operated within China and provides continuous service for the domain name.


-         An administrative contact and a technical contact should be designated, who are respectively responsible for the administration and the operation of the domain name server at the requested level.


-         The domain name application for registration conforms to all the provisions of naming principles and restrictions.


     Documents to be submitted


-         An application form for domain name registration, which shall include the following particulars: the domain name proposed to be registered, the reason and purpose, the name of the organization (including its Chinese name and its full and abbreviated English name and Chinese name roman zed according to the pinyin system), the location of the organization, the correspondence address, the telephone number, the individual responsible for the organization, the administrative contact and technical contact responsible for the domain name, the electronic mail address, the models and operating systems, etc.) (The applicants may obtain the application forms through WWW,E-mail, by post, fax or in person.);


-         A letter of introduction from the unit concerned; 

-         A photocopy of the identification card of the individual filing the application;


-         A photocopy of the document stating that the organization has been registered according to law;


-         A photocopy of the business certificate if applying for domain names under COM.


    The means to submit application form


-         The applicants may deliver their application forms to CNNIC via www, by electric mail, by facsimile, by post or in person within 30 days thereafter.


-         The date of an application shall be the date on which the first application for registration is received. If all the documents specified above are not received within 30 days, the application shall automatically be null and void.


6. Examination and Approval of Domain Name Registration


-         The CNNIC shall examine accepted applications in accordance with the Administrative Rules and shall, after receiving all of the necessary aplication documents , complete registration, issue a Domain Name Registration Certificate and make an announcement through the www within 10 working days.


-         The CNNIC shall, within 5 working days, complete registration for any Chinese Domain Name application that is conforming to the Administrative Rules, and issue a Domain Name Registration Certificate and make an announcement through the www. The Applicant will have 30 days to revise and re-submit the application.


7. Change and Removal of Registered Domain Names

-         Change of Registered Domain Name: the Applicant shall submit a domain name registration form and the documents specified in Article 5 “Documents to be submitted”as well as the original domain name registration certificate. Following the verification and approval by the CNNIC, the original domain name registration certificate shall be annotated and returned, and the domain name shall be made accessible within 10 days.



-         Removal of Registered Domain Name: The Applicant shall submit a domain name registration form, the documents specified in the Article 5 "Documents to be submitted", and  return the original domain name registration certificate. Following verification and approval by the CNNIC, operation shall cease and the domain name registration certificate shall be revoked.

* Registered domain names are not permitted to be transferred, sold or purchased.

8. Rulings on Disputes


-         In the event of a dispute between a domain name registrant and a third party arising from the registration and use of the domain name, the CNNIC shall not act as a mediator. The domain name registrant itself shall be responsible for handling the dispute and bearing the legal liability.


-         Where a third-level domain name is identical to a trademark or enterprise name registered in China but not owned by its holder, the owner of the registered domain name may continue using its domain name if an opposition has been filed by the holder of the registered trademark or enterprise name. Once an opposition is lodged, the CNNIC shall retain the domain name service for 30 days from the date on which it is confirmed that the opponent owns the registered trademark rights or enterprise name rights. After the 30 days the domain name service shall automatically cease.

9. Administration of Registered Domain Names and the Administrative Fees


-         The CNNIC is responsible for an annual inspection of registered domain names (Annual Inspection).


-         If anyone violates the Administration Rules by transferring, selling or purchasing domain name, the CNNIC shall cancel the domain name and suspend the operation of all his/her domain name for six months.


-         Domain names for which Annual Inspection and fee payment are completed within 30 days from the date for Annual Inspection and date for fee payment shall be regarded as valid. Otherwise, its operation shall be suspended. And it shall be cancelled if Annual Inspection and fee payment are not completed within 60 days.  



-         The registration for Chinese domain names is still under experimentation. And presently, one applicant of Chinese domain names may register no more than 50 Chinese domain names, and no more than 5 domain names for one day. Applications that exceed this limit shall be declared invalid.

10. Correspondence Means with CNNIC



 Website: Http//WWW.CNNIC.NET.CN

 Tel: (+8610) 62619750

 Fax: (+8610) 6255989262636115

 Post: 100080 CNNIC #6 / #349 Beijing, China

 Address: No.4 the Fourth Southern Road of Zhongguancun, Beijing (Internet Network

                  Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)